Who are the top queens in ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’? Catch up before the finale


Attach your wig tops and prepare for something savage.

The season 9 finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race pretense Friday on VH1 (8 ET/PT), and the last four candidates will fight it out for the crown.

So who’s left in the racing to turning into America’s Next Drag Superstar? How about we get up to speed with this present season’s topqueens.


Judges experienced peppermint this season, and they cherished it – however that doesn’t mean this New York ruler didn’t have a couple of difficulties all through the season. Having been in the last two twice with just a single test win to her name, Peppermint might be the most drastically averse to win. That doesn’t mean she’s not a fan most loved however, winning the watchers (and the judges) over with her beguiling grin and silliness. “I brought as much effortlessness and modesty as I did ability and identity,” she says in a VH1 cut. “Sounds like America’s Next Drag Superstar to me.”

Sasha Velour

This Brooklyn angel is not playing diversions. From the main scene Sasha Velour came in shouting (actually, she strolled onto the show with calm the unnerving passageway) and hasn’t dropped her vitality since. Amid the season, she has won two difficulties and has never been in the last two. Be that as it may, will her adroit and safe season take her everything the way? “I am resolved to assume control over the world with my insane, weird, velouring drag, and I’m not going to be halted now,” she said in fanal.

Trinity Taylor

Florida’s Trinity Taylor is an expo young lady who shouldn’t be upset. With a noteworthy three wins all through the season, she has demonstrated her magnetism, uniqueness, nerve and ability. An Orlando local, Taylor additionally opened up this season about the Pulse shooting and how it influenced her. Concentrated on her objective ahead, be that as it may, she’s not shying far from her craving to win. “I’ve worked my whole grown-up life to construct the brand of Trinity Taylor,” she said in a last meeting. “I should be America’s Next Drag Superstar, so I’m wanting that crown women, move down.”

Shea Couleé

Shea Couleé says she didn’t come to play, she came to kill – and that is exactly what she’s finished. This Chicago star won four difficulties amid the season, making her the most-beautified ruler this season – and making her the one to beat (in any event from a numbers outlook) amid this finale. “It’s about the drive and the nerve and the longing to win. I’m the aggregate bundle,” she told VH1. “In the event that ya’ll are putting down wagers on anyone, you wanna toss five dollars down on me.” Hear that, everybody?

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