Green annual annual data released for income tax package

The billions have released the cost of budget revenue tax yearly, which has not been publicly publicly created by the government.

On the request of Greens, an independent parliamentary budget office has been estimated. Opposition has repeatedly tried to figure out the figures, but the government fought the demands.

Treasurer Scott Marsson said after the budget: “It is not a government process that can provide years of year to yearly prices because they are not reliable.”

Treasury Secretary John Fraser told Senate that “Our trust in specific years is not that we feel their data comfortable.”

The government initially released only one price in the next estimates ($ 13.4 billion), and $ 140 billion in 2018-19- 2028-29.

Later the Treasury estimate was prepared for various steps of planning: $ 16 billion, $ 102 billion for the first phase, when the second step is included, the final figure for its $ 144 billion With being

The PBO numbers will go on Wednesday for the Senate Economy Legislative Committee meeting. Labor also asked PBO.

Granes said that the cost of PBO shows that in this phase 2 plans will be more than $ 80 billion in the next ten years, while phase 3 $ 41.6 billion will lose.

The party met Bill Clinton and Labor to join the Greens during the support of Greens’s Private Income Tax Kit.

The laborer has said that this phase supports one, making this phase about stage 2, and does not like the stage. But it is not explained that if the government status it as its status, it will not divide the bill.

Green leader Richard de Natalie: “It is believed that the Labor Party is also considering supporting the second phase of the personal income tax of the tournament, which will charge Turbo in Australia’s economic non-equality and $ 80 billion for our schools, hospitals And the necessary services.

“About this $ 40 billion revenue earning is one third of the revenue earnest largest country.”

The Natale said the Labor had also thought of passing the entire package through the Senate. “It will also support the third stage of the labor plan, which is worth US $ 41.6 billion in five years, which is the richest Australian money every year is less than $ 10 billion every year.

In the last year of Ternel’s Tax Kit, almost 70 percent of the entire benefits had to face more than $ 90,000, “he said.

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